The CHM® PM 2.5 membranes are made from PTFE material and each membrane is sequentially numbered with chemically resistant polypropylene support ring, These PM 2.5 PTFE membranes are chemically resistant with low chemical background interference (e.g, combustion particles, organic compounds and metals) allowing to carry out sensitive determinations. Accurate gravimetric determination can be allowed thanks to their low tare mass. Air quality, along with water quality, is one of the most important parameters that we need to constantly assess. One of the most accurate and critical points of air analysis is the analysis of suspended particles below 2.5 m for the possible harmful effects they may have on the human body. Thanks to their size these particles can penetrate the deeper parts of the lungs being potentially extremely dangerous. Unit-specific numbering helps record the results of subsequent analysis using ICP-MS (coupled plasma mass spectrometry) or XRF (X-ray Fluorescence).

PTFE membranes PM2.5 for particle analysis in air

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