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Paper industry

Control of various physical parameters in the paper industry

Filters used

Determination of the water absorption capacity in the manufacture of sized paper.

ISO/R535, DIN EN 20535, TAPPI T 441

Cobb test

Different ø

Formation of cellulose pulp leaves

UNE EN SIO 5269-1:2005

Pressure device

Different ø

Determination of cellulose fibre loss in manufacturing water


Filtration/Weighing Difference

Different ø

Surface protection in laboratories


Absorption, Absorption/Impermeabilitzation

42 x 52 cm, 32 x 42 cm, Rolls and sheets in various sizes

Retention of calcium carbonate particles in boiler water samples



Different ø

Determination of color fastness of colored paper and paperboard

UNE-EN 646:2019

Migration of ink to a glass fiber filter

60 x 90 mm

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