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Determination of various quality parameters in materials used in construction

Filters used

Cement grain size analysis

ASTM C204, AASHTO T153, EN 196-6:2010, DIN 1164, BS 4550

Blaine Test, Blaine test. Dickehoff method

ø 12,5 mm, ø 12,7 mm, ø 12,8 mm, ø 41 mm

Determination of free lime content in cements

EN 80243:1986



Determination of the content of various cement compounds

UNE 80216: 2010


ø 125 mm

Control of emission gases in cement factory stacks


Isokinetic probe

ø 47 mm

Air immission control in areas near cement factories


High volume collector

ø 47 mm, ø 150 mm, 203 x 254 mm.

Determination of the water retention power of paste mortars, cements, plasters and lime.

EN 459-2:2002, DIN 18555-7 Part 7, ISO 5269-1: 1998

Absorption/weighing difference

200 x 200 mm

Determination of the capillary water absorption coefficient of hardened mortar.

UNE-EN 1015-18:2003

Absorption/weighing difference

150 x 175 mm

Determination of aggregate properties (methylene blue test)

EN 933-9



Determinación de los compuestos del azufre contenidos en los áridos

EN 1744-1:1999


ø 100 mm

Determination of water holding power in plaster manufacturing

EN 143-2, ISO 5269-1:1998, EN 1015-8

Absorption/weighing difference

ø 110 mm

Surface protection in laboratories


Absorption, Absorption/Impermeabilitzation

42 x 52 cm, 32 x 42 cm, Rolls and sheets in various sizes

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