CHMLAB offers a complete selection of filter papers and filter boards used in industrial filtration processes for the production of all kinds of liquids. Liquids such as: food products, beverages, pharmaceutical industry, chemical products, electroplating, edible or industrial oils, technical fats, biodiesel, cosmetics, inks, etc. Each of these filter media are adapted to different industrial products, such as filtration speed, flow rate, retention, load capacity and other physical features. This range consists of the following filter media: - Plain (smooth) filter papers between 50 and 650 g/m2 - Crêped filter papers between 50 and 240 g/m2 - Filter boards for depth filtration by coarse, clarifying, fine and even sterilizing filtration CHMLAB puts at your disposal any required format: sheets with or without holes, circles, discs or rolls of requested width.

Industrial Filtration

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