F1505 is a two-layer highly absorptive grade of coated paper



Technical specifications


The top layer to captures any spills consists of highly absorbent cellulose, the bottom layer made out of polyethylene, prevents the covered surface from contamination

Used with the polyethylene side up, the papers are highly useful for recovery of valuable or toxic liquids

Coated surface protection papers can be treated with disinfectants for the use in clinical laboratories to prevent biological contamination


Preventing radioactive contamination of working surfaces in radiochemical laboratories

Recovering spilt solutions containing expensive reagents

Protecting laboratory bench surfaces from spillage or splashes of liquids by preventing absorption and seepage of these liquids into work surfaces

Lining animal cages for protection and hygiene

Reducing the risk of objects breaking after falling on hard surfaces because the carrier material reduces the impact

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Ref. Description Qty/Box
F1505-320420H 320x420 mm 100 Shop under request
F1505-420520H 420x520 mm 100 Shop under request
F1505-460570H 460x570 mm 100 Shop under request
F1505-480600H 480x600 mm 100 Shop under request
F1505-500500H 500x500 mm 100 Shop under request
F1505-320420Q 320x420 mm 500 Shop under request
F1505-420520Q 420x520 mm 500 Shop under request
F1505-460570Q 460x570 mm 500 Shop under request
F1505-480600Q 480x600 mm 500 Shop under request
F1505-500500Q 500x500 mm 500 Shop under request
F1505-500050B 500 mm x 50 m 1 Shop under request
F1505-500100B 500 mm x 100 m 1 Shop under request

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