A stainless steel mesh filter is a surface filter made of wire strands intertwined in an orderly manner and with adequate tension. The production of this filter must comply with the criteria of the ISO 9044 standard, both concerning its characteristics and tolerances, but also to the raw material: stainless steel wire. The parameters of these filters are different from those of a depth filter such as filter paper. These filters have a liquid passage (pore) called a mesh size that is between 10 and 1000 μm and has a perfectly squared shape. The most important parameters are:
Mesh size (w): It is the length of the bisector of the square of the mesh size expressed in μm.
Wire diameter (d): Wire diameter before weaving, expressed in mm.
Useful sieving surface (Fo): It is the ratio between the area of the openings for the total surface of the mesh. Fo = (w/p)2 x 100, expressed in %.
Weight (G): It is the weight in kg/m2 of the metal mesh G = 12.61 x (d2/p) Stainless steel quality: Following AISI 304 or AISI 316 standards. 

Stainless steel mesh

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