Polyester mesh filters (C10H8O4) have the same structure as stainless steel mesh filters. Only the raw material changes, which for this range of products is polyester, a polymer with excellent resistance to traction, at high temperatures (melting point at 256ºC) and high chemical compatibility against a large part of solvents. The parameters that identify a polyester mesh are:
Mesh size (w): It is the length of the bisector of the square of the mesh size expressed in μm.
Wire diameter (d): Wire diameter before weaving, expressed in mm.
Useful sieving surface (Fo): It is the ratio between the area of the openings for the total surface of the mesh. Fo = (w/p)2 x 100, expressed in %. The range is made up of filters with mesh size from 5 to 1,000 μm.

Polyester mesh filters

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