CHM® MNG - Mixed cellulose esters Green Membranes. Dark Green Grid. For colony counts

These are Cellulose Nitrate also called Mixed Cellulose Ester membrane filters are composed of cellulose nitrate and a small content of cellulose acetate, in green and dark green grid (3.1 x 3.1 mm), sterile.



Technical specifications


Hydrophilic membrane

Made of mixed cellulose esters, this material guarantees excellent retention and optimum colony growth

Very uniform pore structure which ensures a homogeneous distribution of the particles retained on the filter surface

Various colours give the best contrast to the colonies which are to be counted

Maximum working temperature 130ºC


Very high flow rate


Clarification and sterilisation of aqueous solutions

Microbiological analysis and particle counts

Particle size analysis

Pre-filtration and clarification of samples prior to further analysis

Removal of particles in suspensions to determine the degree of impurity

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Ref. Description Qty/Box Price
MNG045047H-SV ø 47 mm, Pore size 0.45 µm, Sterile, G ... 100 80.20 €
1 ud.
MNG045047M-SV ø 47 mm, Pore size 0.45 µm, Sterile, G ... 1000 712.60 €
1 ud.

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