SPE Columns GCB/NH2

Graphitized Carbon Black:Surface area: 100 m2/g Particle size: 100-300 mesh. Aminopropyl Bilayer: Surface area: 480 m2/g Particle size: 40-75 μm Pore size: 70 Å Carbon content: 4.5%



Technical specifications


Carb-GCB/NH2 combines the merits of both carb-GCB and NH2 sorbents

Ultrathin frits between two sorbents layers promising uniform flow Clean up of samples in multiresidual pesticide analysis


Biological samples and natural compounds Pharmaceuticals and drugs

Pesticides and antibiotics in food and agricultural matrices

Environmental samples organic compounds and pollutants

Technical specifications

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Ref. Description Qty/Box
CPEGCBH20202-3 GCB/NH2 sorbent, 250/250 mg, 3 ml 50 Shop under request
CPEGCBH20305-6 GCB/NH2 sorbent, 300/300 mg, 6 ml 30 Shop under request
CPEGCBH20505-6 GCB/NH2 sorbent, 500/500 mg, 6 ml 30 Shop under request

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