E3014, E3236 and E3645 grades are quality germination test papers, designed to provide the best and most reliable germination results. Made of pure cellulose, low ash content, high absorption capacity and free from bacteria and other toxic substances that could potentially inhibit growth, are ideal for seed germination. The paper is available in white, yellow and grey. These colours choices allow sufficient visibility to observe seed sprouts even in poor light. The pleated strips are specially manufactured for optimum, pure growth. Recommended for the reliable evaluation of seeds. All seed testing papers meet the ISTA (International Seeds Test Association) and AOSA (Association of Official Seed Analysts) requirements.



Technical specifications


Absorbent paper for diferent weights

Plain or crêpped surface for a better manipulation

High wet tensile strength

Made with 100% pure cellulose without the addition of Cl in its manufacturing process

Ash content <0,1%

pH in neutral zone of 6,0 / 7,5

Good surface smoothness to prevent platen growth on the internal structure of the paper

Wide range of weight between 73 and 390 g/m2

Wide variety of formats sheets, circles, smooth strips, folded strips and any other format


Method between papers, towels or Vienna roll for garden seeds or certain cereals

Jacobsen system or Copenhagen tank

Germination bells with forest seeds

Neeb test for beet seeds

Used as capillary absorption strips in hoods, or tanks

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Ref. Description Qty/Box Price
E3236-2000110H Yellow, Double Pleats, 2000 x 110 x 20 m ... 100 113.30 €
1 ud.
E3236-2000110M Yellow, Double Pleats, 2000 x 110 x 20 m ... 1000 1045.00 €
1 ud.

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