CHM® Biofun microbiological monitors

CHM® Biofun sterile microbiological monitors are designed to be used in the membrane filtration technique to recover microorganisms from aqueous samples. Each monitor is a single-use, pre-sterilized filtering unit consisting of a measured filter funnel, base, pad, membrane, removable lid and plug.

The all-in-one sterile construction of these microbiological filter funnels makes them ideal for microbiological analysis. These ready-to-use 100 ml units are suited for monitoring contaminants in all types of aqueous samples and they are specifically designed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beverages, water and other liquids. Filtration unit easily converts to a Petri dish, which can be labelled and incubated for culturing.

No flaming required and with no need to sterilize funnels or filter base between samples, testing time can be reduced by up to 70%. Reduced contamination thank to the single-use materials that virtually eliminate cross-contamination between funnel and membrane. All-in-one filtration units reduce the chance of external error and make reproducible results due to this reduction.

Biofun® 100 Monitors are ready to use filter units designed to be placed onto the bases of a vacuum manifold. Funnel adaptors onto bases are provided in each box. All units are supplied sterile and individually wrapped.

Features and Benefits:

• All-in-one system.
• Rapid testing. Testing time can be reduced by up to 70%
• No flaming required: minimizes the risk of cross-contamination
• Reduced contamination.
• Reproducible results
• Easy handling

Applications. Microbiological analysis of:

• Water (potable and waste)
• Soft drinks
• Dairy products
• Beer
• Wine

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