CHMLAB offers the widest selection of regular and high wet strength grades of filters to meet specific filtration requirements. Using these filter papers, we can create solutions to optimize clarity, flow rate and overall performance. CHMLAB offers plain and embossed grades filter paper as well as non-woven and standard grades for applications where product clarity is a major concern. Our converting capabilities allow us to offer Taylor-made filter papers following customers’ requests in features and formats. They are the best choice for filtration of oils, beverages and galvanic baths.

Paper types:
• Plain and embossed filter papers. These papers are designed to meet specific filtration requirements. The embossed surfaces generally provide a larger filtration area and offer high filtration speeds.
• Creped filter papers They have larger filtration surfaces resulting in higher filtration velocities. In addition, the larger filtrati on surfaces offer greater particulate holding capacity compared to plain surface papers.
• Filter boards These filters are manufactured according specific applications and they can be produced in disc or sheet formats, with one or more holes to use in filter press systems.
• Filter discs from filter paper and filter board
• Non-woven filters These filters made of rayon and polyester are offered in a wide range of filtration efficiencies and weights. Nonwoven media offers a multitude paths for the impingement of target particles offering depth filtration as well as high particle retention capacity in both gas and liquid environments.


• Food & beverage
• Pharmaceutical
• Cosmetics
• Chemical
• Microelectronics


Due to the wide variety of paper grades, formats and dimensions, the order number list is very extensive. The following guideline will help you to find the right order number.