Quartz Microfiber

The CHM® quartz microfiber filters are made with pure quartz microfibers and are free of binders or additives of any kind.

These filters have retention, loading and air permeability features similar to those of the glass microfiber filters. However, since they have greater chemical resistance at high temperatures, they can be used in environments in which extreme conditions are present, replacing the glass microfiber filters in such cases.

They specially suite for emission monitoring and in general they allow gravimetric testing in any gas evacuation control process. They are suitable for ascertaining the level of heavy metals in atmospheric pollution studies.


Retention: Excellent retention levels for very fine particles, on account of the adsorption mechanisms of the quartz fibers.

Permeability to the air: Very high, enabling large volumes of air to pass through, thus they are appropriate for use in high-volume intakes.

Temperature stability: Their temperature stability is higher than the glass microfiber filters. It is very good up to 900ºC, some loss of their usual properties setting in beyond that point.

Chemical stability: Excellent stability, with practically no filter-mass losses through chemical reactions under extreme conditions with the presence of acid gases (HCl, SO2, SO3, H2SO4, NO and NO3).

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