Hardened low ash filter paper for quantitative analysis

These filters, made from cotton linters fiber, are put through a washing process and treated with strong acids. Then they are washed in demineralised water to produce high wet strength (makes them appropriate for filtering in low pressure or vacuum conditions) and chemical resistance (makes them suitable to work with acids or alkaline solutions in moderate concentrations).

A very low ash-content filter with a 0.06% (the maximum ash contents of these filters is intermediate between CHM® qualitative grades and ashless quantitative grades).

A very smooth surface makes easy to recover the whole of the precipitate after the filtration which is particularly indicated for Buchner filtrations.

F2050 GRADE – Slow filtration

CHM® filter with slow filtering rate, with excellent retention of very fine particles, such as barium sulphate, zinc sulphide, etc.

Hardened and glazed surface makes this paper suitable for use in the electronic industry in carriers of electronic components or boards.

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F2052 GRADE - Medium fast filtration

General purpose hardened filter paper with medium-rate filtering, with good retention of medium particles, such as calcium oxalate and metal sulphides.

Suitable for various tests on the intake of atmospheric pollution (sulphur oxides, ammonia gases, etc.) as well as for microbiological water analysis.

They are used in fat extraction equipment as well in the oilseed and food industries, and in a large number of routine analytic procedures.

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F2054 GRADE - Fast filtration

The fastest filter paper in the range.
Suitable for filtering coarse, gelatinous or dense liquids. Good load capacity.

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