Ashless hardened filter paper for quantitative analysis

Hardened Ashless Filter papers are acid hardened which reduces the ash content to an extremely low level.

These filters are produced by a complex elaborate washing process under stringently controlled conditions. Firstly, acid washing is arranged. Then a series of washes in demineralised water comes, which increase the strength of the paper, thus making them particularly suitable for Buechner filter funnels and for a wide range of critical analytical filtration operations.

Through this process, a maximum ash content of 0.007% is attained, which means that no contaminants are introduced when filtering and also that full compliance with international standards on this subject is achieved.

F2140 GRADE – Medium fast filtration

Hardened ashless filter paper with medium retention and flow rate.
Extremely strong and pure. With a hard surface, it is recommended for filtering medium-sized precipitates such as most metal sulphides.
High chemical resistance. Used in the gravimetric analysis of metals in acid and slightly alkalinized solutions, pressure filtration

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F2141 GRADE – Fast filtration

Hardened ashless filter paper with fast flow rate. Preferably used in filtration of coarse flocculent and bulky precipitates (as aluminium, chromium or hydroxides of iron, bismuth, cobalt, sulphides of copper, various organic metal precipitates, etc.) and gelatinous precipitates in acid/alkaline solutions during gravimetric analysis.

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F2142 GRADE –Slow filtration

Hardened ashless filter paper with high retention and slow flow rate.
High chemical resistance. Often used for filtering very fine precipitates and in gravimetric metal determinations.

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