pH Indicator and Test Paper

CHMLAB offers a wide range of high quality test papers for rapid determination of pH values

· High quality full range test papers
· Instant and portable pH reading
· Available in reels and strips
· Simple to use and economical

CHM® E2000 & E2001 pH Test Strips combine ease-of-use with accuracy, reliability and consistency. The convenience of using indicator papers for the simple and rapid determination of pH values has led to many applications in laboratories and in industry.

Universal indicator strips (non-bleed)

The indicator pads on these environmentally friendly strips are prepared as a non bleed system therefore the resultant colour change remains far longer and readable until the pad is dry. Each strip is long enough to protect the user from the test solution as the test pads are at the extreme end of the strip. For accurate pH readings, these strips use 4 different indicator pads and the colours on the enclosed colour chart match the colour and position of each pad on the strip. This allows these strips to provide a rapid method of measuring the pH of a solution while producing high quality results each time. Strips with the non-bleed system provide precise pH values as the different colours do not mix at the point of testing.

Test papers

Universal Test Indicator Paper is one of the most popular pH test papers. They provide a quick and easy method of indicating the pH of a solution by using a single colour change which can be matched to the colour chart. Universal pH indicator papers are available in different ranges of pH to give the user the level of accuracy needed (intervals of 0.2 - 0.5 - 1.0 pH).