General Purpose Filter Paper

These general purpose filters have a high Wet Strengthened.

They are made of high-purity cotton linters and other vegetable fibers.

These filter papers have fast or very fast filtration rates, and are particularly useful in filtering coarse precipitates or relatively straightforward substances.

These filters are not recommended for Kjeldahl estimations.

F1091 GRADE – Very fast filtration

Crêped surface filter paper with medium flow rate.

For general laboratory use in less-critical analyses.

Used around the world in laboratories to assay sugar cane or beet. The fruit is mashed and further analyzed according to the aluminium sulphur method.

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F1093 GRADE – Fast filtration

Smooth Grade F1093 is a General Purpose filter paper for qualitative analysis.

This wet strengthened paper is used for general filtration and sample preparation for food, sugar processing plants, hospitals, educational and research centres, colleges, universities and labs (with a very high usage and less critical analysis), etc.

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F1113 GRADE – Extra fast filtration (thick)

High particle retention and extremely high loading capacity.

Preferably used for filtration of gelatine, resin solutions and other viscous liquids, such as syrups, oils, essences and fats.

The folded format enables bigger volumes to be dealt at atmospheric pressures.

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