Glass microfiber thimbles

CHM® F5900 high quality micro-glass fiber thimbles are made from 100% pure borosilicate fibers. They have special advantages since no binders of any kind are used in their manufacture process.

They are particularly suitable when solvents that are incompatible with cellulose thimbles are present. They are widely used for gas emission controls for industrial chimneys, for gas pre-filtration upstream of measuring apparatus, for gravimetric testing for dust in hot gases, etc. Maximum operating temperature for Glass Microfiber 500ºC.

They have all the associated properties (high loading capacity, high retention of very small particles, high air permeability and good stability at high temperatures) and the same limitation when working with highly concentrated acid or alkaline solutions, for which the use of CHM F5990 micro-quartz extraction thimbles is recommended.

Tolerances for F5900 micro-glass fiber thimbles:

• Internal diameter +1/-3mm
• Thimble height ±1mm
• Wall thickness 2 ±0,5mm

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