Cellulose extraction thimbles

CHM® F5800 high quality Cellulose Extraction Thimbles are made from high-alpha cellulose cotton linters with rounded bottom.

Their main features of high purity and the strong mechanical structure and retentivity offer a special combination of advantages to the laboratory user. Indicated for fat extraction in food industry, extraction of polymers, environmental pollutants determination, etc.
Maximum working temperature 120ºC.

They are usually used in extractors of the “Soxhlet”, “Tecator” or similar types, in order to collect solid material from which some component must be separated out by dissolving in a suitable solvent.

The thimbles size selection should be done carefully to fit extractors correctly. The references sizes are internal diameter and the length in mm (an extra allowance for wall thickness should be added when selecting external diameters).

Tolerances according to DIN 12449:
• Internal diameter +0/-3mm
• Thimble height ±1mm
• Wall thickness 1,5 ±0,5mm
• Ash content <0,1%

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