Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper

CHM® TLC plates

The CHM® TLC plates and pre-coated sheets have homogeneous coating, homogeneous thickness of layer, high packing density, firmly adherent layers and consistent chromatographic properties. The standard silica coating is one of the most frequently used ready-to-use layers for TLC. For these plates CHMLAB uses silica 60 with a mean pore diameter of 60 Å, a specific surface (BET) of about 500 m2/g, a specific pore volume of 0.75 ml/g and a particle size of 5 to 17 μm.

Manganese activated zinc silicate is used as fluorescent indicator for short-wave UV light (254 nm). As binder highly polymeric products are used, which are stable in almost all organic solvents and resistant towards aggressive visualisation reagents. The binder systems used for our Polyester pre-coated plates are also completely stable in purely aqueous eluents.

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