Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper

CHM® Chromatography papers

CHMLAB offers a complete line of high quality papers for chromatography and electrophoresis to be used in chromatography papers application techniques and gel transfer applications. CHM® chromatography papers are made from pure linters with an α-cellulose content of nearly 100% which give them purity, high quality and consistency. Thicker papers allow higher sample volumes.

The most important features in chromatography papers are their basis weight, thickness and capillary absorption. High weight and thickness of the paper allow a greater load of solutes, obtaining better resolutions in papers with low capillary absorption levels.


The world standard paper for chromatography. One of the thinnest papers, with medium flow rate that provides optimum resolution. Smooth surface. Suitable for general analytical separations.


Thin paper with a flow rate slower than C3001, for higher resolution applications. Smooth surface. Particularly recommended for optical or radiometric scanning.


This medium thickness paper is normally recommended for general applications with medium-heavy solute loadings. Gives compact spot. Frequently used for separation of non-organic solutions and for electrophoresis.


Relatively thick paper with medium wet strength. Smooth surface. Used extensively for both electrophoresis and for general chromatography. Most widely used blotting paper. After 3001, the most widely used chromatography paper grade.


This relatively thin paper with a flow rate faster than C3001 is recommended for the most common chromatography tests when loadings are relatively low. It is also suitable when speed is an important factor and quality control general applications where high resolution is not required.

GRADE C30017

This paper is one of the thicknesses of this CHM® line that converts C3017 a suitable paper for heavy loadings. Offers a very high flow rate and is highly absorbent. Suitable for preparative paper chromatography and electrophoresis.

GRADE C30031

This paper of a medium thickness offers an extremely high flow rate and it is recommended for electrophoresis of large molecules. CHM® C3031 has a soft surface and uniform.

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