Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper

Tlc Thin Layer Chromatography

TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) is like all chromatographic techniques, based on a multistage distribution process. This process involves a suitable adsorvent (the stationary phase), solvents or solvent mixtures (the mobile phase), and the sample molecules. For Thin Layer Chromatography the adsorvent is coated as a thin layer onto a suitable support (e.g. glass , polyester or aluminium plate). On this layer the substance mixture is separated by elution with a suitable solvent.

The most frequently used separation technique is ascending TLC in a glass chamber (standard method, linear development). Usually it is applied as single development. However multiple development, with or without change of mobile phase can improve separation results. For this reason, CHMLAB is offering a wide range of glass tanks as well as plates and sheets.